there are 3 candidates for arbiter this year. while the arbiter hasnt had anything to do in the last 6 or 7 years it none the less can be important.
the 3 candidates are 007, Velvet and Michael Gxxxxxxxx*.
i urge you not to vote for Michael.
Michael became a tes volunteer by becoming the TESFEST web master. He did more to delay and almost destroy tesfest then any one individual. 2-3 weeks into his being webmaster and having software loaded for the website that no one else was familiar with, he disappeared. his disappearance was noted on the float members area before we even knew it. no phone calls, no emails, no snail mail. he was just gone. it took weeks and weeks to recover. Registration opened up very late. in long ago angrier times, he would be his own arbitration case as we would have attempted to revoke his membership. in a kinder more gentle TES, i just ask you not to vote for him.
* Michael has asked me to remove his name from the above.
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That time of the year

yes the TES elections are here again.
Nayland is running for Parliamentarian. what worries me is not so much that we dont know him - is that i am not sure that he really knows us.

He has never volunteered for a tes committee.
He takes pictures but never contributed to Prometheus
He rarely attends meetings (he has been to a cpl of Bondage meetings)
He has only been to 1 TES party that i remember
he has only been to a cpl of board meetings

in other news - saw the wetspots Sunday night and loved the show
Alan esq was pulled up on stage for one song and was truly good - great show - great evening
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bad man

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<Mr. Baron -

You are not a very nice person. People like you are the reason I dropped my TES member ship years ago.

I suggest you mind your own business in the future. >

the above from an admirer
i love it when people say they dropped their tes membership when they never had one. when they were told they were not on the membership database they say it was in the days of tes30. but gee the memberhship database goes back to before the year 2000
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when natasha came to the board meeting, she said tes wasnt inclusive as we didnt involve gay groups in Fest. when i mentioned gmsma and lsm, natasha said they were too mainstream and middle of the road gay. now i look at float and see lsm listed as the only gay group. maybe its a logic i dont understand?
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candidate's statements

My name is 007. You may have read some of my articles for
the TES Weekly over the last five years. You may have met
me while I worked the door at TES meetings as part of the
Operations committee. You may have attended a party I
hosted as part of the Social committee. You might have seen
me volunteering at Leather Pride Night or marching with
The TES Association: Election 2006 The Candidates
the TES contingent at the Heritage of Pride Parade. Perhaps
you were there at TES Fest 2006 when I was working as
Assistant Director of Security. Or perhaps you know me
from the 12 years that I've been active as a Top with the
TES Spanking Group.
My resume of volunteering and community
activism all come from one source: 35 years ago, our
beloved founder Pat Bond created this organization in the
belief that consensual sexuality should be explored in all of
its wonders, regardless of gender, orientation, or fetish. This
is an ideal which we can all appreciate and which we should
all support. It is my sincere hope that I can continue to
uphold the spirit of that ideal as a Board Member.
I believe in this organization, and I believe in its
members. Whether dominant or submissive, we all choose to do
what’s right over what’s easiest, and we all appreciate the value
of hard work and dedication in the pursuit of excellence. I have
confidence that you, as a member of TES, will appreciate effort
and results above personal issues and personality conflicts. I ask
only for your support so that I may continue to strive for the
benefit of the organization on your behalf. Thank you.

Less than a year has passed since I was elected to the TES
Board of Directors.
What has been accomplished:
The Community Relations Committee that I chair
has become more visible, taking ownership of the
representation of TES at other Leather organizations and
events. Functions like LPN, FSE and the HOP Parade,
formerly thrust upon the Board and the TES Operations
Committee were more autonomous. We’ve developed a
rapport with our physical presence at DSF, MAST,
GMSMA and LSM, keeping our finger on the community’s
pulse. Our community education and outreach have
included talks about seminars at a prominent teaching
hospital and an EMS agency.
The Volunteer Committee, which I also chair, is in
its infancy, formed from the ashes of the Staff Development
Committee. It now has a clear-cut mission and with
enlightened input from experienced Board Members, is
embarking on an ambitious program to relieve burdens on
current perennial volunteers and broaden our skilled
volunteer base. To this end, IT and Prometheus have
already benefitted from some recruitment strategies. I hope
to build on this foundation to secure our future
organizationally. I have made mistakes. I have learned
and continue to do so. I want the opportunity to learn and
grow and build together.
Sir Guy

Dear Fellow TES Members,
My name is Jeff and I’m currently one of the nine
voting Board Members of TES and am running for
reelection in September 2006.
After attending my first TES meeting in November
1998, I became a TES Member in December 1998 and have
remained a member without any lapses ever since. I’ve been
volunteering at TES since April 2000, have been on TES’s
Board since March 2002, and am currently serving on
Operations, Programs & Education, Prometheus, Site
Search, Social, TES Fest, and Web/IT and am currently
Chair of Programs & Education, Prometheus, Site Search,
and TES Fest.
I’ve served in almost all of TES’s recent events
including the S/M Film Festivals, TES2000, and TES30 …
founded TES Fest and have chaired TES Fest 03, TES Fest
04, and TES Fest 06. I was Chair of the Social Committee
for 3 years, a previous facilitator for the Novice Group, and
am currently a facilitator for the Switchables Group.
I feel I would be able to continue to contribute
strongly and positively to TES as a member of its Board. My
decision making style is one of temperance and restraint. I
feel that the pursuit of well-considered, balanced goals
implemented at a measured, consistent, and deliberate pace
is the prudent method of management.
Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for
the trust you’ve shown in me in the past and I hope that I
can continue to earn it in the future.
I have been in this lifestyle for over 15 years. I am a
collared, bisexual, polyamorous switch with an almost
unquenchable hedonistic passion for BDSM. I would like to
serve on the Board of Directors for TES because I strongly
believe in sexual liberation for all adults, especially those
who enjoy consensual BDSM, and I feel I can help further
our groups’ mission as an elected official. From helping to
facilitate educational meetings, working to support our
fabulous social outreach programs and applying my time
and talent to various workshops and committees, I plan to
dedicate myself to TES and its membership in order to bring
out the very best in our community.
Thank you,

Thrash is a NYC area “lifestyle hedonist.” A versatile
submissive living with his Mistress/Wife, Lady Velvet, he is
a veritable cast of characters who is sometimes known as
Antonia the girl, Silk the warhorse and Sparky the fire dog.
His many guises have been photographed by Barbara Nitke
[Kiss of Fire], Efrain Gonzalez, Mariette Pathy-Allen and
published by Katherine Gates [Deviant Desires] … they
may also be seen at TES! A lifelong single-tail thrower, he
is TES’ official Whip Marshal (and a Group Marshal) for
the annual NYC Pride Parade. Thrash has presented his
own unique (some might say twisted!) perspective on a
variety of subjects at various Black Rose and TES Fest
events as well as meetings of TES, TEC @ TES (of which
he is a founding member), and other local groups.
I have over a decade of TES membership and
experience participating in public “scene” activities; in
addition to having founded and co-facilitated a popular SIG,
I have presented successfully on numerous subjects and
most recently worked on the Staff of TES Fest ‘06. In my
time as a TES member I have received so much from it and,
after having volunteered and worked in various capacities, I
believe that I am ready to take on the challenges and
responsibilities of being a TES board member … to work to
help our organization flourish. If you agree then, by all
means, vote for me!
Thank you.
Wes Baron
I am running for the TES Board again because I see TES as
my second family and I want to make it feel that way for
others. TES’ image has changed over the last few years and
it has been a change for the better. We are doing better at
education, at socializing and at fraternity then before. I am
running because that is a path I want to keep us on.
I am running again because I am good at what I do
for TES. Since I have been Treasurer for the past 3 years,
more people know how and where we spend our money than
before. That’s a good thing because now we have a lot more
to spend. We also need to be careful and not misspend the
TES Fest money we now have.
I am running again because I still feel I have a lot
to offer to TES. There is more we can do here. We need to
communicate better with our members to let them know
what is going on at TES. We need to look for a better
meeting space where we can hear our presenters and each
other. We need to make volunteers feel welcome and that
their efforts are appreciated. We need to examine our special
interest groups and see that they are meeting our needs.
I look forward to seeing you at candidates’ night. If
you can’t make it then and have a question for me, write me
at wbtes@verizon.net. Thank you for allowing me the honor
to serve.
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7 for 5 makes it a race

and the candidates for the Board are:

David 007

Some interesting candidates, some interesting questions
Good luck to all

As a board member, a TES member, and a DOM (dirty old man)- i will miss August at the board meetings. She has chosen not to run for re-election at this time. i wish her luck and happiness in her choice.


IT at TES is no longer in charge of content. The promotion committee now is. They are also the final word on the software and systems needed to change or update or manage content. IT gets to keep the on-off button (just not to push it) and to say the web is still there.
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after all the silence was gone and the need for debate was called, it was followed by silence. a wonderment. personal stuff wasnt at issue. It was no longer procedural. Then what was it? it was silence. Board members dont have to vote? they dont have to vote yes or no or abstain or to object? they dont have to be part of the process if they dont want to? They can decide not to be part of the process and not participate because that is democratic? i though that was the opposite of democratic. And then there was silence. they took a stand because things had to be said and then they didnt say them. They apologized because their silence was in-eloquent. They had things that needed to be said publicly for all to hear. And then they were silent.
i dont know who called the huddle, i dont know who called the play, but from the sidelines it looked like the fumble of all times. even bigger then joey P and the giants.
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today i am feeling:

sorry that i cant always protect Michele
proud of the way MIchele stood up and protected herself
upset at people i thought were trusted friends
stronger for having a good partner to share my life with
hurt that people i thought were friends couldnt talk to me
hysterical that some people are afraid of me
tired of the lack of communication from people who say communicate
amused about the dark side conspiracy
annoyed at people playing politics with my loves best intentions
violated by a certain friend's lack of trust
immature enough to want to get even
smart enough to know better
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Not tonight

"Not tonight" ...it musta been one headache, and we arent married to each other. at least board members talk to me when asked.

I've made my decision though.
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